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HEC MiM vs M2M HEC-Yale

  • Posted by - thomas.graf - on 23 October 2017 - 4:38pm

    Hi there,

    if you are interested in French schools, you most likely will apply for "Grand Ecoles" - as these are the top schools there. All of them are asking for excellent grades in your undergrad studies but some are more selective than othters. One of the most selective French schools, for instance, is the HEC Paris.

    I suggest you to proceed in the following way:

    • Use our Search Filter at by choosing Program type "Masters in General Management", Teaching Method "Full-time", and Country "France" to get a list of French schools offering MIM programs.
    • Read my eBook "The MIM - Entry Requirements for the Master in Management" and particularly read the answers from the 8 French schools included there.
    • Visit the websites of your favorite schools to see the Admissions Criteria.
    • Read my eBook "Business Masters: How you find the best Master in Management or MBA" to learn how you get more info on career perspectives of a specific program.

    By Thomas Graf
    Founder MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBooks

  • Posted by - Priya - on 21 October 2017 - 3:20pm

    I'm a final year undergraduate student at IIT Roorkee, India and would like to apply for the MiM 2018 intake.
    GMAT: 710
    GPA(until Year 3): 7.5 CGPA
    Intermediate: 97.9%
    Class 10: 9.8 GPA
    I'm the Joint Secretary of a college magazine and an editor for another, CSR executive for the college tech fest, captain of the tennis team, developer at the Mobile Development Group and have helped organised many events in college. I had my summer internships at PwC India, and a strategic consulting startup.
    I studied French for 2 years in school, so would that give me an edge for colleges in France?
    What other colleges can I realistically apply to?
    Thanks for the help.