ESADE Masters in innovation and entrepreneurship vs IE MIM

School selection
  • Posted by behzad on 06/12/12 9:19am

    Hi all, I have been accepted for IE masters in management and ESADE masters in innovation and entrepreneurship. I am really confused with my decision as which program to select.
    My problem is on one had i have ESADE which has a good msc management ranking but the course i have been admitted to in ESADE is new and the first batch is not yet passed out.
    On the other hand At IE, the msc management program is not yet ranked!
    I like both the courses but the course at IE seems more generalized and job ready.
    Can you please help me solve this dilemma as I have only a week left to accept the program.
    Thank you

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 06/12/12 11:59am

      Hi Behzad,

      I understand that this is a difficult question for you. Indeed, the Rankings don't help put here much because

      • MIM programs need to fulfill certain criteria such as number of student cohorts or time since program started to be eligible
      • both programs are not ranked yet
      • both schools receive high ranking positions in other rankings (e.g. MBA)

      One important approach, however, could be clarifying the match between your career goals DIRECTLY after graduation and the two programs.

      • In which country or area do you want to work?
      • In which industry or industries?
      • In which position or function (which tasks do you want to have)?
      • Do you have 3 or 4 preferred employers?

      If you clarify this you can screen the schools about which one offers the better benefits for YOUR specific goals. With your career goals in mind you should

      • the websites and published statistics about students, companies, and career service
      • contact the admissions office and career office
      • contact current students (you should get addresses from the admissions office)
      • contact ex students (alumni)

      So, the STRATEGY is: You narrow down your search and develop a clear lens (your career goals) through which you look at the programs. And then you use different sources of information to increase objectivity.

      Best wishes