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Cranfield School of Management vs IE Business School

  • Posted by - emanuelebormida - on 28 March 2013 - 9:21pm

    Hi everyone, hope to find you well! I would like to have a piece of advice in order to choose a school. the choice is between the MIM at Cranfield or at IE. could you please tell me what your choice would be if you were in my shoes and why you would choose in that way? Thank you very much. i wish you the best!

    • Posted by - Ashwanth - on 22 April 2013 - 1:59pm

      Dear Ayesha and Thomas,

      Hope you are at the best of your health! First, I would like to thank Mr.Thomas for providing such a wonderful website.
      With respect to my queries, Even I got admission in Cranfield School of Management, Msc Management. I chose this institution because of it's Reputation and Management Consultancy simulation and 3 month compulsory internship in organization, facing live project. As I want a career in Management Consulting firm, I think the prospect of implementing the theories learnt in the program in a 3 month internship is astounding.

      But, After having discussions with Alumni and professionals in UK, Everyone point towards the low job market in UK and how the foreign students are returning home because of this. How far is this true?

      I have offers from Aston, Strathclyde, Bath. With respect to FT rankings Cranfield is not there. But the reputation is there. I am struck in-between Aston, Strathclyde, Bath and cranfield. How far the rankings indicate the value? and Msc degree in Cranfield being new, is it going to affect it's value in anyway? Hope to hear from you soon.

      Thanks and regards,


      • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 22 April 2013 - 2:17pm

        Hi there,

        thank you for your question.

        As for the job situation in the UK, I heard that the VISA restriction for people form outside of the UK have been restricted. If this is an important criterion for you to study there, I would do three things:

        (1) Contact your embassy in London: They should be able to provide you with information.
        (2) Contact the school's career office ans ask them about their experience with placing non-British graduates in the UK.
        (3) Ask the admissions office to bring you in contact with someone who graduates within the last two years and has yoru nationality. Then interview him or her.

        As for the Rankings, the schools need to have implemented a new program for at least three years until it can be included in the ranking. Hence, the fact that Cranfield is not included does not mean that the MIM has a weak quality. If you like the school - and I agree it has a great reputation - and if the program fits your needs (and I liked a lot your in-depth research and reflected position with respect to the program content) then I woudl ignore the ranking.

        A good example is the IE Business School. Its Master in Management hasn't been in the Ranking even though the school was on position 1 on Best European B-Schools in 2012 - simply because the program was too young. Last year, eventually, it was included and reached position 6...

        All the best

    • Posted by - ayesha2013 - on 10 April 2013 - 11:45am

      @ thomas.graf Good job but i feel there is more recession in uk and Indian people are struggle to get jobs in uk and guys it will be a good decision to take graduation in spain rather than uk. or else why not study in other country for overseas studies.

    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 28 March 2013 - 10:34pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. You have picked two renowned schools - so there is no objective answer. Instead, your next steps is to reflect your (1)goals with Master in Management (MIM) and (2) the school/program profiles. Sounds simply but takes some time, thinking, and trade-off taking.

      I give you some inspirations:

      • If you want to work in Spain or UK after graduation you may want to pick the school of that country.
      • Check the companies that recruit at these schools or the firms where the graduates start to work - are these the firms / jobs / industries you want to work later on?
      • How important is the internationality of the school, program and student cohott for you? If very important, screen the schools according to this criterion (e.g., from how many different countries do the students come from? Do the schools offer studying a perdiod at a partner campus abroad?).
      • Do you want to study an important focus such as entrepreneurship? Check the CVS of these programs - do they offer an elective or concentration in this area? Do they, for instance, offer a business plan context etc.?
      • Are you interested in an internship during the program? Check whether in-company projects are included.

      You can clear most questions by screeing the websites and by getting in contact with the schools' admissions and career service teams.

      Once you are clear on what you want and the programs' strengths and weaknesses, you should go a step further:

      • Ask the school to bring you in contact with current and ex students and interview them on the phone.
      • Finally, visit the school to find out if that's a place where you want to spend one year of your life.

      Best wishes

      • Posted by - emanuelebormida - on 29 March 2013 - 10:39am

        Many thanks for your precious information. i wish you and this useful website all the best!

        • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 29 March 2013 - 11:15am

          Thanks a lot. If you want to support this site, here are some suggestions :)

          • Tell the schools that this site exists and that it was important for you.
          • Bookmark this site in your social bookmark tools.
          • Tell your friends and colleagues about it.
          • Talk about it in other blogs that you are engaged in.

          Thanks a lot to you and all the best