CEMS (Bocconi) vs. Global Strategic Management (Esade)

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  • Posted by aqy on 05/16/16 7:56pm


    i recently got accepted for both CEMS at Bocconi University in milan and the (apparently new) MSc in global strategic management (MGSM) at Esade: http://www.esade.edu/management/eng/programmes/global-strategic-management

    both are extremely internationally oriented programs, which would be indeed a perfect fit for my profile. MGSM (esade) apparently has an even higher focus on global management, given the fact that i would study at three universities on three continents, each of them being an extremely important player in the business environment.
    for the CEMS program i'd 'only' study in two different countries (milan + one exchange semester), however, the duration would be 2 years instead of 1 year.

    i know that both schools are obviously top business schools and i believe there is not much of a difference, however, any comment regarding my situation would still be appreciated.

    i'd be especially interested in opinions about the global strategic management master at esade, given the fact that it was introduced recently and there aren't many personal experiences online.

    also i'd like to know:

    • CEMS (milan): 2 years, global strategic management (esade): 1 year. does the duration of the degree have an impact on your career later on? is a 2-year degree 'more' respected by companies?
    • i guess when it comes to the recruitment partners and the business network, both schools are really good and there is not much of a difference?

    thank you very much in advance for your help.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/17/16 3:29pm

      Hi there,

      I think you did a good job in analyzing these programs so far. A few important things are missing, however, as I outline in detail in my "Business Masters: How you find the best Master in Management or MBA" eBook. In fact, there are important differences, even if they may not be so obvious. Just to give you some examples:

      • You mentioned the company network - and that's correct (and super important). Who comes to the respective campus, recruiting for which countries and which conditions?

      • How effective is the respective career service - how mayn people are working for this service? How often can you contact them? What do they offer? etc.

      • What's the culture of the school? Do you feel comfortable there? Do you want to spend a year of your life there?

      • What experiences have the program and career service managers with students of your nationality in placing them in firms?

      You mentioned that some information ist not available through websites. That's correct. Therefore, you must also collect first-hand information through people. Please read the "TALK TO" chapter in my eBook to find out how you can do that. It is key NOT to rely only on written and published knowledge. I also give a simple but effective recommendation in my eBook what you can do to find out if you feel comfortable at a school.

      1 year vs. 2 year differences: I don't know about a different recruiting behavior of firms regarding the length itself. A longer program may provide you with more learning opportunities that you can incldue in your CV to increase your career chances vis-a-vis firms - or practice periods that may provide you with more exposure to firms (and potential future employers).

      I wouldn't care much about the fact that a program is new (such as the Master in Global Strategic Management). Just look which other program (that lasts for some years already) comes close to your Master and do your research based on that program (even if you apply for the Master in Strategic Management eventually).

      Best wishes

      by Thomas Graf
      Author Business Master eBooks

    • Posted by evagra on 10/17/16 10:11am

      If I could ask you, which program did you eventually enroll into? I am interested in both and having discovered the recent ESADE program I would really appreciate knowing more about it especially that as you said it's extremely new and not many opinions are out there yet.
      Is there anyone following that course?

      Thank you for any information!