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low gre, less gpa

  • Posted by - emanueal - on 15 February 2016 - 8:33pm

    Hi thomas,

    I'm glad that i had met you finally(ofcourse through this blog). I have been following your blog for past 3 years. Now i think, it's my turn to get some valuable advice from you.

    Please do have a look at my academic and proffessional details

    X standard:85%

    XII :94.9%

    B.E(ECE):61% a steep decline

    GRE: 285


    work experience:2 years as software engineer(BI CO

    1.i want to pursue Masters in IT or DATA Management from any of the universities given below

    Telecom Business school
    Grenoble graduate school

    what are my chances of getting admission in to one of these universities especially for WU Vienna. I am so concerned about my gpa and gre scores. Though i have found that WU doesnot requires any test scores if we can submit sufficient LORS, But i doubt that too since my academic scores also do not seem pleasing.

    1. are there any other best universities for IT Management in europe that i have more chances of getting admission.Since i was looking only for europe region.

    2. do i need to retake gre or is there any other way i can make my application look solid to get in to one of preferred universities