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  • Posted by PaulineSinclair on 09/08/17 10:23am


    I am from India and a recent graduate in automobile engineering ( in 2013 with 56%. But due to heavy back log I managed to complete it in six years instead of four years. I have only three months of experience as a graduate engineer trainee and there is no document to prove it since company doesn't provide any. I am currently unemployed.

    So keeping my grades in mind, is it a good option to go for MIM ? Or should I keep searching for job, which I am already searching for the past four months and haven't laid my hands on any.

    Also I am not that financially strong to pay the entire expenses for a foreign study. If I score good in GMAT and IELTS then is it possible to get a scholarship ? I have France and Germany in my mind to study. What are the job prospects in the relevant country for foreign students ? Because if I consider taking an education loan, it becomes necessary to find a job in the country where I study. Please help !

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 09/08/17 11:50am


    do a Master's degree or go for a job is a question that depends on your prospects. My general advice is: Go for a job if you find a satisfying position (and consider doing a Master later in your life) - and build up your qualification through a Master's degree if you don't find a satisfying position at the moment.

    Yes, with a good - ideally, very good - GMAT your chances to get a scholarship increase. Please check the Financial Aid websites of your favorite schools to learn more about options to finance your studies.

    How do you select schools? Well, if you want to do that seriously it requires an effort. In effect, you need a plan - and I provide you with this step-by-step plan in my eBook "Business Masters: How you find the best Master in Management or MBA.". Take two afternoons and carefuly read everything. Then think. Then follow my instructions.

    At the end, you will know if a MIM makes sense and what schools you should apply for - in your case, a school that grants you a scholarship and with decent job prospects afterwards.

    Best wishes

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook