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  • Posted by aviral1024 on 01/09/14 3:22pm

    Hi Thomas

    I'm applying to all the 5 schools covered in the SAI application. I had initially planned to meet the spring session deadline but now i'm having second thoughts. The reason for this is that i have a low graduation gpa of 5.73/10 and i thought i could compensate it to some extent by getting a good gmat score. But i've only got a 630 on the gmat which i'm sure is not a kick ass reason for the schools to select me.
    Now i'm thinking of writing the gmat again because i know i'm capable of crossing the 700s. But then i'll have to apply in the spring session of SAI and i'm not sure how it would fair for me since the number of applications and the competition would be relatively higher.

    What do you suggest i should do? Stick with the 630 score and apply now or improve the gmat score and apply in the next session ?


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/10/14 6:24pm

      Hi Aviral,

      you mean the following schools, right?

      AUDENCIA Nantes
      EMLYON Business School
      ESCP Europe
      HEC Paris
      SKEMA Business School

      I am afraid that your GPA strongly reduces your chances of becoming accepted at these schools, and a higher GMAT score may hardly compensate for this. Particularly with respect to ESCP and HEC, I don't see much of a chance since these schools are in the Top-5 of the FT MIM Ranking and focus strongly on academic excellence.

      EM Lyon, moreover, is on position 11, Skema on 29, and Audencia on 31. Of course, you cannot directly refer from each individual ranking position to the academic requirements - but the tendency is that the higher the ranking position, the more selective the school, and the less chances to compensate this with the GMAT.

      Still, I think your ambition to achieve a higher GMAT score make sense to me and may increase your chances at least at some of these 5 schools.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by aviral1024 on 01/10/14 9:53pm

      hi Thomas

      Thank you for the prompt reply and i really appreciate the honesty.

      I have a query. I have researched about the programs just the way you tell us to in your posts..contacted the admissions office , screened their websites etc. And most of the programs that satisfy my requirements happen to be the ones offered by the colleges like IE Spain , ESCP europe , Stockholm and few other schools that are listed in the top 25 in the ft rankings.

      Now i understand that with a gpa as low as mine , as you had rightly stated my chances are massively reduced. But aren't there any controllable factors that i can bank upon to improve my chances for atleast getting an interview call from these dream colleges.

      Or should i lower down my expectations and drop the idea


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/13/14 12:39pm

      Hi there,

      I would definitely not drop the idea. Just because your chances at some very selective schools such as HEC may be low, (1) I would still try it provided that you know for sure that and why you want to study there and (2) I would definitely apply at other schools you are interested in, particularly if you are open to schools at a bit lower ranking positions.

      There are schools even in the top-ten ranking, e.g., IE Business School, that claim for themselves to have a rather "holistic" approach such that they do not only look at academic grades. Instead, they take also into account the person's motivation, the essays, and non-academic experience that the applicant built up in his or her life. There are more schools, but if you are interested in IE specifically, I recommend sending an email to Nita Swinsick and asking her about whether she would recommend you to apply.

      Also, a GMAT of 630 is not bad at all for many schools - for EDHEC, for instance. If you are interested in this school, you can receive a personal feedback from Maureen Byrne form EDHEC - just send her your cv. Send your cv first to me (info at mim-compass dot com) and will forward it to her. EADA is another school that may accept your application after having screened your full profile.

      Hence, I would clarify first (if not done yet) which schools are potentially interesting for you. You mentioned the top-25 in the FT MIM Ranking. Ok, but not all of them accept people with a non-business background. So, without such a background take only the schools with the label "Pre-experience: no academic background in business or economics required" in our Ranking list. If you, i fact, have a business background, choose only thjos programs with "Pre-experience: academic background in business or economics".

      Then, make a list of some schools in the top-ten that you are very interested in; second, make a list among the schools from 11-20, and finally from 21-25. Finally, I would apply schools in all three lists - but only those where you really want to study. So, make sure to collect information in advance and talk to alumni.

      As for things you can do to improve your cv. First, I am confident that you can get admission at some of thee schools mentioned above right now. If you want to improve your chances, however, yes a higher GMAT score would be helpful. Also, make sure that you write very good essays (the goal here is that you demonstrate your ability to discuss a topic critically, that is from from different angles and come to a conclusion; or that you explain your career goals very well); and if you can do a qualified internship at a company, that would be helpful too.

      Best wishes

      by Thomas Graf

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/14/14 12:50am

        At EM Lyon you can apply as well. Check out Rebecca's answer. And feel free to contact her directly.

        Best wishes