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  • Posted by rohit008id on 05/07/13 9:40pm


    I have done B Tech in Biotechnology from VIT, Vellore, India and currently working in IT sector, Cognizant Technology Solutions from July 2011. I am planning to do MiM (1 year) but not sure which country should I opt. I do not have any country choice as of now but I would like to work in same country after the completion of course for few years.

    I have shortlisted Ireland, Australia & UK as there are many good courses available.

    Could you please give me some idea about chances of getting jobs in these countries and which of these will be best choice as per current economic conditions.

    The schools that I have shortlisted in preference order are:

    UCD Dublin
    NUI Galway
    NUI Maynooth
    NUI Cork

    University of Manchester
    Lancaster University
    University of Strathclyde
    Cranfield University
    Royal Holloway University of London
    University of Nottingham

    University of Sydney
    Australian National University
    University of Melbourne
    Monash University

    Please provide your suggestions for the country and school choice that I have made based on my research.

    I am open to go for any other country or school. Please advice

    Thanks in Advance

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/08/13 12:36am

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any advice on the country choice. All these countries have great jobs and opportunities for qualified people. It really depends on your preferences and on the quality of the respective school.

      Having said that, you have a list of 15 schools. Now, the next step is to carefully screen these schools - their websites first, and after that by talking to the admissions people, the career service teams, and to students. Ideally, each step allows you to shorten your list a but more until you have your final 3 or 4 schools that you apply at.

      I recommend you now: (1) Screen the schools' websites with respect to the course content (is this what you want to learn?) and (2) with respect to employers recruiting on campus and career statistics (e.g. how many people found a job 3 months after graduation).

      I am aware that this is work - but it is necessary work as it allows you to develop a deeper understanding of the programs.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by jasmine on 10/13/19 9:18am

      Can you please tell me what conclusion did you land upon? Because I am planning to MIS and I am stuck with the same college and country options as you.

  • Posted by shashank on 03/27/20 6:50am

    How good is ireland for mim?

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 03/27/20 9:05am

    Hi there,

    if you mean: How good are business schools in Ireland, then I recommend you to search for internationally accredited schools - this would give you schools that follow international management education guidelines. Secondly, I recommend you to analyze these schools thoroughly - for instance, you should find out how long it takes for MIM graduates to find a job afterward. In my guidebook Business Masters - How you find the best Master in Management and MBA you learn how to do this.

    Best wishes,
    Thomas Graf

    Founder of the MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBooks