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  • Posted by deepaklamba15 on 11/14/13 8:37am

    Dear Sir/Ma'am,

    I am Deepak Lamba, age 23 and have been selected in EBS, Germany for my Master's in Management.
    As I am from a computer science engineering background and currently have a work experience of 15 months in an IT company, I thought for me MIM from europe is better than MBA from anywhere else, if I need to build my career in management area. Just for the information, my basic spanish language skills, GMAT, a foreign and national internship have also contributed in getting me a 25% scholorship for this program.
    Never the less, I had few doubts in mind which are as follows:

    Though I have talked to many people about reputation of EBS in germany and have got in touch with various alumnis, I have found that the best way of getting a good job in germany after my MIM is not only to build networks with employers but to also have a good command in german language.
    I am taking german classes and will try to get certified in B1 atleast, still I want to ask that what is the minimum level of german language, I need to obtain?

    Secondly, my preparation semester for the MIM is going to start from January, 2014 and the full time course will be starting from september next year. As I am very apprehensive, excited and also a bit worried about my challenges, I wanted to know that what are the best ways of building networks with the german employers in germany?

    Lastly, I want to know that how good are the salary packages annually for a MIM graduate in germany, if one gets good decent grades?

    I will be looking forward to your reply.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/14/13 12:42pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question.

      "what is the minimum level of German language, I need to obtain?"
      As often times, there is not one answer. I know firms like PUMA where nearly everyone, at least among the managers, speaks English at the headquarter in Germany. And I know other firms that have an international exposure but where German still is the main language. In the latter case, of course you need to speak German fluently and understand it very well to be able to in fact do your job, particularly as a manager. I am not a language expert, however, - so you need to speak to German language schools to assess the minimum level.

      "what are the best ways of building networks with the german employers in germany?"
      I suggest that you use the contacts of the school and directly speak to the EBS's career service team. What do they offer? For instance, do they have career fairs that you can attend even before the program starts? Are there other ways such as an online career platform that EBS offers to meet business contacts?

      "Lastly, I want to know that how good are the salary packages annually for a MIM graduate in germany, if one gets good decent grades?"
      This also depends on many things...the degree, the company, the position you apply for, your capabilities, your negotiation skills, the industry, etc. I recommend that you ask the EBS admission or career office to provide you with number on theri last year's MIM graduates as well as where they started to work. This will give you a reasonable proxy what you can expect.

      best wishes

      by Thomas Graf

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/14/13 12:50pm

      By the way, if you like this Forum I would appreciate if you could let the EBS admissions people know about it and that it was helpful for you.

      Best wishes and thanks in advance

    • Posted by deepaklamba15 on 11/14/13 1:13pm

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks a lot for your reply.
      I appreciate your answers.
      Yes The EBS organises the Symposium every year. This would certainly help the students to get recruited for getting a good job in the german companies.
      Yeah I will get in touch with the career services and will try to get as much information as I can.

      I hope EBS is not a bad choice for me at this stage of my life. I keep my fingers crossed in that regard.
      I will let the admissions council of EBS know about this forum.

      Again thanks for everything


      • Posted by Nishant on 11/14/13 1:47pm

        deepak i have a doubt ? did u write gmat ?? how did u come to know about ebs ??why not other schools ??

    • Posted by deepaklamba15 on 11/14/13 6:22pm

      Hi Nishant

      Yes i took GMAT twice.
      Well it is a long story. But in nutshell, what I did was that I searched over the internet for the world's best economies and certainly Switzerland, Germany, Scandinavian countries, Australia, Singapore, USA and few middle east countries came into picture.
      I then searched about the difference between MIM and MBA.( this forum depicts exactly the correct information about that) MIMs are great in core Europe but MBA's are better in North America.
      Then as I wanted to go for a management degree, I thought MIM is better for me at this age.
      I searched over the best MIM schools in Europe and germany was the first country that came into my mind even ahead of Norway, Netherlands, France and Spain.
      Germany gives me two advantages i.e. firstly, the cost is quite less in comparison to Switzerland and Norway and secondly the german economy is very good (even better than France also currently Spain has about 40% youth unemployment and many other countries are even at much lower level). But europe is improving now and I hope that the recession will end in 2014 and everything will be back on track.
      Germany apparently is the engine of Europe. German language is a barrier but that can be demolished.
      Studying and working in Germany was one of my dream since a long time, so I searched over the good german business schools and found HHL, WHU, Mannheim and EBS. I didn't have a good score to get an admit in Mannheim so, I mailed the admission officers in WHU and EBS. I visited their sites and talked to the indian alumni who have studied from EBS.
      WHU involves more germans whereas EBS has students from all over the world and has got network with over 200 organizations. So, this way I opted for EBS.
      I hope this info helps.
      All the best with your selection.

      • Posted by Nishant on 11/14/13 6:26pm

        I would like to know about the gmat score for mannheim and esade is a good school in spain and france too has good scope and i agree in few years time maybe a year no recession will be in Europe

      • Posted by Abhishek Chatterjee on 07/01/17 2:24pm

        Hi man,
        What did the Indian alumni from EBS say? Do non EU citizens get jobs in Germany or do they have to come back?
        Where are you employed now? Did you attend EBS?

        • Posted by Thomas Graf (MIM Compass) on 07/03/17 3:49pm

          Hi Abhishek,

          you raise the right questions. Now, how will you get reliable information on this? In my Guide "Business Masters: How you find the best Master in Management or MBA". I give several tips here. But the core is: You need to talk to several people - the RIGHT people. Just to provide you some examples:

          • Ask the EBS admissions representatives about how many people from India or Asia in general were enrolling during the last 3 years.
          • Ask the ebs where these Asian students found a job (e.g., in Germany, Europe, or outside) - and also how fast
          • Ask the ebs to bring you in contact with some of them.

          If the ebs admissions managers have no or no good answer for you, then it may be he wrong school for you.

          As a second tip, also included in my ebook: Get in contact with current ebs students from your country or region - and ask them about their impression regarding career chances after the ebs master. You can ask the ebs admissions managers to bring you in contact with current students.

          Best regards,

          by Thomas Graf
          MIM Compass Founder

    • Posted by deepaklamba15 on 11/14/13 6:44pm

      Yes, Spain and France offer good management programs too.
      I am not really sure but I think your GMAT score should be around 630 or above, if you want to get an admit in Mannheim. Esade is good too but I am not sure about its selection criteria.
      Choose your countries only if you want to work there. If you want to come back, then you can go for any Universal business school in any country.
      Please note that degrees from universal schools are recognized all around the world so you can work where ever you want to if you are smart enough. ;)

      • Posted by Nishant on 11/14/13 7:05pm

        deepak can you mail me nichu_42@yahoo.com so that i can get my doubts cleared ??

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/14/13 8:09pm

      Hi Deepak,

      to answer another question you asked me: The Financial Times requires schools to run their Masters in Management 4 years in a row if they want to become eligible for the Master in Management Ranking. This explains sometimes why some schools are not included.

      Best wishes

      by Thomas Graf

      • Posted by taras on 11/15/13 6:57am

        Hai Deepak,

           I must really appreciate your assessment of the selection criteria you made for your future B-School.You seems to have made a good research about the geographical area and its economy aspect as well before making any decision.Am too on the same plane with the desire for an MIM from Europe.I would like to know,since you have done a lot of research of the B-Schools in Germany,what are the chances for a non-business graduate to get an admit at Mannheim,WHU or HHL?How much GMATone must acquire to guarantee a spot at Mannheim?What are the chances of acquiring a post study work permit in Germany?Is it easy for Indians to get a job visa in Germany?

        Any clarifiactions from your side would be of immense help.

        Best Regards,

    • Posted by deepaklamba15 on 11/15/13 6:44am

      @ Nishant: I have sent you an email.
      @ Thomas Graf: Thanks for the information.

    • Posted by deepaklamba15 on 11/15/13 11:15am

      Hi Sarat

      I appreciate your comments.
      Well, everything depends upon your profile. A good score of about 680 in GMAT and a healthy experience of about 4-5 years will definitely give you an edge for MBA in Mannheim. For MIM I think any score around 650 and an experience of 1-2 years should be enough. But still nothing can be gauranteed as Mannheim prefers students with business backgrounds but it does not mean that the engineers cannot go through. On the other hand HHL and WHU require a minimum of 600 in GMAT for a MIM. Anything extra such as a foreign internship or any language will be an add on to your profile.
      Regarding work permit, the laws keep on changing in Germany for international students.
      German Government will work according to its own needs as many good economies do.
      Unlike USA does not want any non american managers to work there, Germany lacks quailfies professionals or managers in IT industries and business consulatncies.
      Few of my german friends have told me that the german birth rate is declining, so Germany needs skilled labour to work in germany. ( A german degree and good command in german language will certainly help to a great extent)
      currently one gets 1.5- 2 years of job search visa in Germany after his/her graduation. Also one should earn more that 35000 Euros annually if he/she wants to apply for the german PR. But these might change later.
      Lastly, again everything depends upon you. Fulfill the minimum prerequisites (i.e. above average decent grades in the university, german language and an internship in any german firm) and everything else such as Job visa and a good job will be much easier.

      I will advise you to talk to the alumni of any business school and get in touch with few employers if you can.
      Ofcourse, one would get more knowledge if he/she is there but try to get as much knowledge as you can by sitting here in India. Our future is at stake, so plan smartly and if you are hardworking enough, I don't think anything will stop you from succeeding.

      All the very best!!

    • Posted by siddharth on 11/21/13 7:54pm

      Hi deepak

      You seems to be the exact person whom I was looking for ,
      Cuz I think you have vast knowledge of mim and courses.
      First of all I am siddharth, pursing civil engineering (7 sem)
      And from some time I am in a dilemma to choose the right
      Course for me , I have no plan working for getting 2-3 yr experience
      for MBA so mim seems to fit my requirements. But again there are
      language barirer in europe . so plz suggest something
      How you are tackling it ? And who to choose from france and Germany?

      And plz email me if you are comfortable with it ,
      Since I have few more querrys

    • Posted by dipeshvirani88@gmail.com on 01/27/14 6:50pm

      Dear Sir/Madam

      I am writing to express my interest in MBA Finance Program or MS In Finance for spring 2014. I need information on both the courses. I wish to know if there is any post study work visa after the completion of MBA and will there be any job assistance.

      As per the requirement i am a Graduate with overall GPA of 3. For you reference please find the attached resume herewith. Also i have attached WES report of educational credential evaluation for your reference.

      So please let me know if there is any work visa after the competion of course and any job assistance.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/27/14 7:54pm

      Hi there,

      Why don't you consider contacting the EBS directly and simply ask them? This provides you with the most reliable information.

      Best wishes