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  • Posted by prasi on 06/26/14 9:18am

    Got admits from ESSEC,ESCP,EDHEC,Aud nantes,

    Thought i would share my profile and some interview questions nothing specific but just overall idea and what i feel is important

    Brief profile
    Elecronics Engineer
    First Class Graduate Decent GPA, Decent Extra curricular
    Work exp:TCS India 1 yr, Family Business


    I think 620 and above is good for all these schools and all SAI schools in france to earn u an interview chance

    Usually was around 5 or 6 Pm indian time
    I was dressed in formals( i advise being dressed in formal shirt)
    The admission jury can be a single person, three or two people

    Usually program director, Alumni and one student or professor will be present

    Share Proper Skype Id and maintain time---usually all were on time


    Most general and expected were the most frequesntly asked questions
    all interviews asked these questions its no big secret its common

    why Mim?
    Why France?
    Why our college?
    Why this course?

    Next as interview goes further they start probing your CV

    Why did u work here?
    what did u learn?
    What did u learn from extra curricular activities?
    something on your project and internship maybe asked

    If u clear all this properly ur done sometimes additional unexpected questions may come like IRAQ crisis explain what it is and stuff dont worry if u cant answer all that
    ur main scoring points are these questions
    and all these questions are no secret everyone knows these will be asked right

    Special Points:
    One school asked me to choose a given topic from 2 and write some lines on that
    another school sent a pdf sometime before and told me summarize what you read

    this is fair enough u will get through nothing great just reading writing skills
    topics will be general

    My thoughts

    dont lie in your CV, Motivation letter,anywhere try not to lie

    Keep your story straight, Time and again in your motivation letter, interview you will answer the same questions

    why France? Why this school?

    Your story better be the same--- so dont knit a story be yourself tell the truth

    All are highly trained and very friendly
    nothing to worry about
    GMAT 700 one of my friends got rejected from ESSEC it doesnt matter if u get an interview thats it
    thats all GMAT is one part in the process

    Sorry if the post was long

    If anyone found this informative you can comment
    If anyone wants to ask anything please do

    Finally: Mim E book by thomas is a must buy great book
    Secondly: This is my way of contributing to the MIM forum thank you all
    thank you Thomas

    Thanks and regards

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 06/26/14 9:40am

      Hi there,

      thanks so much for this great post. I think it is very helpful as over and over again question come up regarding the interviews.

      Secondly, thanks so much for your feedback on my MIM ebook. I put a lot of effort in it and the goal was to go beyond typical eBooks that "just describe things" - and to provide everyone with an ABILITY to find the right MIM program.

      All the best for your studies and please stay with us even during your MIM - wherever you finally will do it.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner of the MIM Compass

    • Posted by pulkit tekchandani on 03/26/18 5:54pm

      Hi There,

      Thanks a lot for the above information. Although i am applying to colleges in Germany for MiM, i guess the questions would be more or less the same.

      If you could tell me what type of current affairs i should be knowing in order to be better equipped for the interview since i am not much into reading Newspapers and stuff.

      Thanks in advance.

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 03/27/18 12:04pm

    Hi there,

    have a look into "The MIM - Entry requirements for the Master in Management" including interview preparation:

    Best regards,

    By Thomas Graf
    Owner MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBook