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  • Posted by chirag on 08/12/13 5:04pm

    I am Chirag from India. I have completed my B Tech last year and have working in Titan industries,a TATA group company for a year now. I am working in a technical field. But my interest is more towards the management side. I came across the Master in Management course and i want to pursue it. So i need your suggestion as to how helpful will this course be to me. Please suggest me with some options which will be very helpful to me.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 08/12/13 9:56pm

      Hi Chirag,

      thank you for your question. Business Masters can be very helpful in several respects. You may gain valuable knowlegde and competence that complements your academic technology knowledge and professsional business knowledge by management knowledge. You may gain a network to firms and career services that help you fidn a job afterwards. And it my enrich your profile so that future employers see that you are ambitious and that you have achieved a postgraduate degree.

      Now you have rather general management masters such as the Master in Management and you have rather specialized masters such as the MSc in Supply Chain Management or Finance. What you choose is up to you and should be guided by your interests and what you want to work later on.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf