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  • Posted by pushkar on 05/09/13 2:24pm

    I have been shortlisted for MIB program in Grenoble business school. And i am also waiting for my ESSEC and EM-LYON interview result but problem is their results will be announced late and i have to pay initial deposit fees in Grenoble now. I am a person interested in Marketing and have a 2 year part time work experience in Sales and Marketing. Kindly suggest what should i do. Is MIB program worth it as though its ranking is decent in FT but the reviews are not that good.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/09/13 3:05pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. Well, the best way to find out if the program is it worth FOR YOU is by analyzing deeper the career prospects and the content.

      As for the content, study the curriculum and specialization courses as well as any other part of the studies, for example in-company trips or partner university visits if included. Is this what you want to experience?

      As for the career prospects, inform yourself where the graduates from the last years found a job and how fast they found a job.

      • At which companies did they start to work?
      • in which country?
      • in which position or function?
      • Is this the career prospect you are looking for?
      • How many graduates found a job within 3 months after graduation?

      You can find this information by screening the website for statistics and by contacting the career office. In the meantime, you can gather this information also from the two other schools.

      Next: I would ask the admissions offices from thee schools to bring you in contact with current students and alumni. Contact them by skype and ask all your questions. This gives you another important information from a different perspective.

      Apart from this, I recommend you not to pressure yourself. You can always

      • Ask a business school that you want to wait for other school responses and kindly ask for an extension of the decision period.
      • Ask a business school A that you already have an offer from another school B and that you need a response fast to consider the offer from A. Be always polite in writing style but signal clearly your situation.

      The worst thing that can happen is that the school does not extend the deadline or respond earlier. My experience, however, is that often times the schools are very interested in keeping the candidates and that candidates are in a rather good negotiation position.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf