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  • Posted by blaze5200 on 01/08/13 4:19pm

    After my highschool (10 + 2), I pursued a 3 yrs license course from a college in Mumbai. I always wished to pursue prostgraduation studies abroad but my being a license course I did not get any positive response from universities. Most of the universities gave me advice to pursue another fulltime bachelor’s degree to be eligible for any postgrad studies then.

    So taking their advice positively, I decided and pursued another 3 year degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics from a B grade university. Along with my degree I also managed to work full time in second shifts to meet my expenses. I have total fulltime experience of 4.5 years along with my degree. My job profile involves managerial tasks with great responsibilities and decision making and I’m also associated with Companies of great repute. I have also completed one year Part time diploma in Materials management and First year Bachelor of Commerce from Mumbai University.

    Keeping in view my above credentials, I would like to ask you whether I'm eligible to apply for Masters in Management in universities abroad?

    Since my fulltime degree and fulltime work experience are taken simultaneously, will both be counted or given equal weightage for Masters Program?

    Thank you.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/08/13 4:48pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your post. You formally fulfill the requirements for a Master in Management (MIM) because you have a Bachelor degree. You can apply now for Masters in Management (MIM) that are open for graduates from non-business disciplines. Just choose "No first degree in business required" in our Search Engine under ENTRY REQUIREMENTS and you get a list of them.

      If your work experience after the bachelor will be 2 or 3 years (minimum) when you start the program you can also apply for MBA programs. For example, if you have finished your undergraduate studies 1.5 years ago then you probably will have 2 or 2.5 years of work experience when you actually start a masters program. In that case you could go for an MBA.

      Both, MIM and MBA, are fine as they provide you with management knowledge. The MBA may have the advantage that people are older and have work experience from which you can profit in class. If you are interested in MBA programs please visit our platform Master of Business Administration Compass.

      Best wishes

    • Posted by blaze5200 on 01/10/13 6:06pm

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your prompt & apt response. Frankly, I was intially interested to go for an MBA. Looking at my profile, I have completed my fulltime graduation and work experience simutaneously after my 3 years of licence course. I used to attend college in morning hours and then my office from afternoon.

      Now, when I contacted some universities for MBA & pre-evaluation of my profile. The idea was to know where I stand before investing time & money in giving GMAT & other application formalities.One of the universities clearly said I was not eligible whereas others maintained that they require 2 yrs of post graduate work experience and expected me to evaluate myself on their eligibilty terms and then apply. Their response confused me and was also not looking so positive.

      So looking at the second best alternative I found about Masters programs in management. But, here too I'm facing a similar dilemma in regards to my application.
      **I want to know,

      1. Whether universities will consider my 4.5 yrs of fulltime work experience which I have gained simultaneously with my degree or they would instead take it as negative point which could weaken my application for Masters?**
      2. How its best for me to submit my application for masters program ie to show them degree with experience which is as per my true profile or only the degree and not mentioning of my experience to them?

      I'm totally confused as to which universities would consider me for MBA and which ones for masters. As I said earlier I'm interested for MBA but If none accepting my application, I would also be as happy with atleast masters which looks equally good option to me.

      Please help and guide..

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/10/13 7:01pm

        Hi there,

        ok, I understand your situation. From my experience, no one will be able to answer your questions globally. Schools have different policies and beyond the general requirements (MBA 2 years of work experience, MIM no or few years of work experience) the individual school may behave differently. So, at the end of the day you will need to find it out by talking with schools.

        My gut feeling is that you will not experience problems regarding your work experience when applying for a Master in Management (MIM). The reason is: You don't have postgraduate work experience - hence you have never worked in a position for which an academic degree was required, right?

        So, to answer your question: I would choose schools of your interest and apply including the full information. I also like your approach of a pre-evaluation: Why don't you contact three or five schools and simply ask them?

        Best wishes