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  • Posted by ewhere on 02/09/15 6:24pm

    Dear Thomas,

    First of all i would like to thank you for the forum and for the webpage itself, which i find very helpful since there are not many sites/forums dedicated to MIM.

    I would like you to evaluate my profile if possible just to know my chances to some of the MIM programs available. The schools i am aiming for are LBS, LSE, and ICBS in London, I will also apply for ESADE and SAI application.

    My profile is as follows:

    GPA of 7.2/10, Biochemistry Degree.
    IELTS 8
    GMAT: (Have my exam scheduled and will likely get 680+)

    I have 1 year 3 months internship experience in a lab, with extra part time work experiences (sales assitant with big luxury brands, web design for tech company, etc.). I was also involved in my family business (weekly budget, stock control, marketing etc,) plus a few extracurricular activities and volunteering work.
    I can speak fluently Spanish, English, Chinese (Mandarin + 2 dialets), Catalan and with a level B2 of French and elementary Deutsch.

    I know my GPA is not very high and i do have reasons for that (which i explained in my PS), i am worried about LSE since they demand 7.5/10 from Spanish universities (ICBS demands 7/10 which is 2:1), but i really like their program as they provide international exchange opportunities with some really good Graduate Schools.

    Is it worthy for me to apply to LSE knowing that i do not meet their minimal requierement for my undegraduate studies even if other parts of my application are good?.

    I would also like to know, for ICBS, weather i should submit my GMAT score (scheduled in March) since for them it is not mandatory. (earlier application VS. more complete application)

    And, what are my chances of getting into LBS, the schools from SAI and ESADE?.

    Thank you very much


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/10/15 12:25pm

      Hi there,

      have you read my MIM eBook already? I suggest that you do this first (and thoroughly). It will teach you the fundamental knowledge about Masters in Management (MIM) and also provides you with a methodology how to identify quality programs, compare programs, and finally identify programs that fit your profile. Most importantly for you, it will provide you with the tools that you need to answer your questions above.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MIM Compass
      Author of the MIM eBook

      • Posted by Vaibhav Chandel on 04/02/19 9:31am

        Dear Thomas

        I would like to evaluate my profile if it's possible for the MIM program of colleges mainly HEC,ESSEC, IE and LBS.

        Undergraduate: Marine Engineering from a well reputed university in India.
        CGPA: 9.04/10 (Merit scholarship holder for all semesters)
        Work Experience: Internship as a cadet on a merchant container ship.
        1 year job experience as a junior engineer assisting senior Engineering officers on merchant ships, with an experience of sailing/working with multiple nationalities (Russian, Romanian, Chinese, Panamanian, Filipino to name a few)
        Extracurriculars: Involved in sports in my college, mainly athletics and football
        Took up Leadership roles in my Training academy as a disciplinary captain on different occasions.

        Haven't appeared for the GMAT yet, so where do I stand as of yet considering I score a decent 640-650 GMAT score.
        Thank you in advance.

    • Posted by ewhere on 02/10/15 3:21pm

      Dear Thomas,

      I have just read your e-book, and most of the things you said in the book i ve already done it (why choosing those programs, what benefit, why a master's now, how to choose a good program or rather a program that suits me and that i want...). Thank you very much for the e-book as it is very helpful for a lot of students so the can get a grasp and look deep into what they really need and if the have the chances to get to shools the want.

      I suggest everyone to read the e-book first so if they still have doubts then they can ask you here.

      For me, now i know that a good GMAT can surely mean something even if my GPA is not that high (and as you said in the book, admission officer consider your institution and your degree).

      One of the thing that i am not sure (i do not know if i overlooked) is that you talked about alternative tests, but i do not know if they are weighted the same as GMAT (meaning that a candidate who has a higher GMAT score will have more chances compared to those with alternative tests).That is where my dilemma with ICBS comes (they do not require a GMAT (optinal) but i am not sure if i should wait to submit my score). If you can tell me weather the chances are the same if you submit your application for schools that requiere optional GMAT that would be great.

      Thank you very much again for your work.


      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/10/15 6:13pm

        Hi there,

        first of all: If you achieve a GMAT of 680, this is a great score and there is not reason why you should not send it somewhere. A GMAT score is never a reason why you are selected - it is only one additional point in the overall picture - hence, if the school doesn't want you because of grade is too weak then no GMAT score in this world will bring you in. But a very good GMAT score can provide the school with an additional information that helps in case you are a "borderliner"... In the Imperical College case, I would clearly send the GMAT score and I am sure they will be impressed.

        My paragraph on alternative tests is only relevant if your GMAT score is too low. Again 680 is great.

        The other question - does it make sense to apply even if your grade may be too low - is difficult to answer upfront. There is no Yes or No. I am pretty sure that London Business School won't accept you and some other schools too - but I may be wrong. There is always some leeway and some schools may be less strict in a given year than they seem to be on their homepage. With a GMAT of 680 you have a great score; and some schools such as IE, for instance, may also like your practical experience and language skills.

        You can only find out more by contacting the schools directly - via the REQUEST INFO Button on our Ask-the-schools site, by calling them, by sending them an email, by attending a fair where they are particiapting and by talking to alumni (ask the schools to bring you in contact, use social networks etc.).

        In terms of the application, I would recommend you a mixed strategy. Make a list of your top-6 or 8 schools (your favorite schools). Then categorize them into "most unlikely", "difficult but possible" and "possible or likely". Then apply at 2 from each category. If a school clearly targets the best from each generation (such as LBS) it is very unlikely that they accept you. If a school has a minimum requirement that is only slightly higher than your grade, why not trying it? Just make sure that you also apply for a school where your chances are good to become accepted,


    • Posted by ewhere on 02/10/15 8:19pm

      Dear Thomas,

      Thank you very much for your quick response, i do not think that my grade is too low for LBS since they demand a 2:1 (though for LSE they clearly stated that they need 7.5/10, but i will apply anyway), and the equivalence to Spanish Universiry is 7/10 (i am on the boderline). I will do my best on the GMAT and will post back once I submit my application and hear back from them.

      Thank you very much to give me tips on selecting different schools, and giving me the example of IE, but I would prefer to study in another contry if possible (ESADE offers international exchange program).

      Again congratulations on the great forum and great site, and great E-BOOK!!

      I will post back and hopefully with good news!



  • Posted by Nishant Bhatt on 07/21/19 2:29pm

    Hi, would like to get my profile evaluated. Please let me know if possible.

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 07/22/19 11:51am


    we don't evaluate profiles. But we provide information on how you can evaluate your profile yourself.

    (1) In the survey the MIM - Entry requirements for the Master in Management you learn about the admissions criteria that 53 international MIM programs apply to select their students.

    (2) In the eBook Business Masters - How you find the best Master in Management or MBA we provide a step-by-step procedure on finding out, which school and program best fits your profile.

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook