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  • Posted by jade111 on 07/03/14 9:03pm

    I have been following the forum for quite a bit and its been very informative.
    However, I am still not able to understand whether my profile is good enough for the top schools.

    I am pursuing business studies in my undergrad from India's best undergrad management institute. (3 year course)
    This course had 20,000 applicants. It was closed at Rank 340 (for 300 seats).

    My basic aim is to land a Business Analyst-level job at a good strategy consulting firm,

    A few important achievements:

    1. Undergrad score- 80.2% in 4 semesters. (University rank 57/300)

    2. TWO internships.
      First, Marketing Deptt of Airtel (World's third largest telecom company).
      Second, HR project with a micro finance company.

    3. As a member of Finance society, I organised 2 competitive events, and headed one of them. (participation of 500 students)

    4. Member of the organising team of college cultural fest and business convention.

    5. 2 years community service- taught English to orphans at a national level NGO.

    6. Won 4 management-centric university-level competitions. (30-200 participants)

    7. GMAT SCORE 740

    My school preference is as follows:-

    1. HEC (MSc Strategic Management)
    2. HEC (MIM Grande Ecole)
    3. LBS (MIM)
    4. St Gallen's (SIM)

    Should I apply to the above mentioned schools or consider lesser known schools like LSE, ESCADE and Imperial College, London?

    Thaanks in Advance!

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/03/14 10:39pm

      Hi there,

      have you read my MIM eBook already? There you receive information that wil help you answer your question.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MIM Compass, MBA Compass, DBA Compass

    • Posted by jade111 on 07/03/14 10:42pm

      Hi Thomas,

      Yes, I have read most of it and have done my research in terms of what suits my career goals and how I should proceed with my application.

      However, I am not able to make out which schools I should target - whether these schools value applications like mine.

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/04/14 12:18am

        Hi there,

        if you read the chapter RESOURCES you find information on how good your GMAT score is.

        From page 54 onward, you find information on grades and what top schools expect.

        Overall, you have a very interesting CV. The only POTENTIAL weakness (at THESE schools) may be your grades. Please have a look at page 54 etc. to understand what I mean.

        Best wishes

    • Posted by jade111 on 07/05/14 4:54pm

      Hi Thomas,
      Thank you for the prompt reply.
      Yes, I did realise that it may become a problem.
      However, the best B-schools in India ask for 80% to be considered Top grade.

      Now, the foremost question is: In this scenario, which schools should I apply to?

      Secondly, Could I add something at this stage to make up for the lost grades in next 6 months and apply in January?
      Or should I stick with what I have and take advantage of early application?

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/05/14 5:02pm

        Hi there,

        everything else in your cv looks very good to me. Based on that, the bad news is that there is not much else to do to compensate for the-maybe-not-perfect grades (I emphasize "maybe" as it may depend on the other applicants too). The good news is: There is nothing to so and you should move on applying (unless you see a way to increase your grades in the next semester).

        I would apply at those 3 - 5 schools that you have put on your shortlist after pursuing the methodology described in my MIM eBook. Overall, I see good chances that get accepted at more than one. If you feel uncertain, I would contact the school and ask them for a pre-feedback (if they recommend you to apply or not).

        Good luck and keep me updated about the reactions of the schools!

    • Posted by jade111 on 07/08/14 3:26pm

      Hi Thomas
      Thank you. Its encouraging to hear I stand a chance with few of the top schools.
      And Surely I will keep updating the progress on the forum.

      Also, I'd like to ask you another couple of questions:

      1. Where can I know what my GPA would be equivalent to?
        Because I have Good grades, but nowhere near the highest, from a very recognised institute. And I'm not able to figure out what it would be equivalent to.

      2. What role would Work-experienc play?
        I have no work experience. I will join the programme at 21. However, most of the people who posted their profile on the forum have considerable experience (1-3 years). Even average at at HEC MIM is 23.
        Does this factor play significantly against me?

      3. Can a perfectly written essay overcome the mild weaknesses in my application?
        I am very confident about the career goals, what I need to do to achieve them and how these schools are important part of the plan as well as about learnings of the past.

      4. I am confident of landing schools like Warwick and LSE with my profile. How do these schools compare to the aforementioned schools?

      I read your e-book. But, unluckily a lot is not mentioned about the MIM programmes of these schools in terms of placement report or Alumni details. These colleges have a decent record with their Flagship programmes. But MIM isn't one of them. Any details would be really helpful.


      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/09/14 11:38am


        you have very specific questions. It is not possible for the MIM eBook to answer all specific questions for all programs in this world. The MIM eBook aims at providing you with tools and inspirations about how you can find answers by yourself - and that's why you should read carefully again, particularly, pages 74-78 ("Practical tips..." ).

        I understand that contacting the people mentioned takes more effort than just posting a question here - but hey, it is about YOUR future and the more you follow the advises in the book the more likely you will make a satisfying decision regarding your studies.

        1. Where can I know what my GPA would be equivalent to?
        You can find out at your home institution what your GPA means - is it best 5%? best 10%? best 25% - and include this information in your cv. Be assure, however, that your target schools admission officers are aware of it too.

        Also, read carefully the requirements as published on the respective admission pages of your target schools. If you have doubts, contact the school.

        2. What role would Work-experienc play?
        As outlined in the eBook you don't need work experience. Of course average work experience is higher than 0 given that also people with some work experience apply. But you don't need it. Again: Read carefully the admissions requirements and contact the schools if you still have doubts.

        3. Can a perfectly written essay overcome the mild weaknesses in my application?
        It will definitely contribute to the overall admission success if you are aware of your career goals and if you can express that - and also if you can write a great essay. If a school shouldn't like your grades, however, this will not save you. So, do your best here and see what you get. If you have doubts on the schools will judge on yoru grades, contact them in advance and ask them.

        4. I am confident of landing schools like Warwick and LSE with my profile. How do these schools compare to the aforementioned schools?
        Come on, have you read my MIM ebook or not? Read about accreditations? Rankings? The general reputation of a school? The specific reputation of the school in your target industry? Read about my methodology to sort out what is important for you when you study (the BENEFITS you are looking for) - and how you can check the quality of a school in comparison with others? How you can find information on that? Who to TALK TO (again pages 74-78)?

        You need to invest some effort that goes beyond just reading our posting questions. You need to talk to the right people - and my eBook helps you with this.

        Best wishes