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  • Posted by - aleem681 - on 29 August 2013 - 2:13pm

    First of all thank you very much for this website as it helped me a lot in deciding about my career prospects. I am form India and I wanted to apply for an MiM degree in top universities like HEC Paris, ESCP Europe and others. Would you please take a look at my profile and tell me if there are chances my profile can be selected for MiM program in these top universities.

    I graduated in 2010 specializing in Commerce and comoputers. CGPA 7.6/10.
    Worked for deloitte consulting from July 2010-july 2011. Member of cultural committee in deloitte. Started training new hires after six months. Selected by leadership to interact with high priority clients.
    Worked for Anthelio business technologies form January 2012-june2012. Help in stabilizing a new project.
    Started working for family business (mid-sized manufacturing company) after june 2012 till present, assumed various roles like preparing quotations, interacting with clients to negotiate business deals.
    Certified Six Sigma yellow and green belt. Used six sigma techniques to decrease production of defective goods in industry.
    Apart from this I have given many seminars in college and worked on inter disciplinary projects like "Education System in India AN Overview" while in college.
    GRE score 320.

    I know that looking at my experience you will recommend an MBA but I researched a lot on MBA curriculum and MiM curriculum and keeping in mind various factors including financial factors I think MiM is more suitable for me as I really need to understand management from the basics as my job in deloitte and anthelio was more on the technical side (accounts resolution). Hence I decided to join the family business and that is when i realized that if I wanted to be successful in expanding this business or starting my own business I will have to go for a program that will give me a holistic view of the management education.

    Thanks You.

    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 30 August 2013 - 7:56pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. You have indeed the classical MBA profile and I would recommend you to go for an MBA, simply because you will get both, the practical side of management techniques that you can apply for your business and the experience from your classmates.

      If financing the MBA is a problem, then financial aid from the school or another organization, or a program with lower tuition fees would be options - besides waiting and saving more money.

      If you still want to got for a Master in Management, maybe you can find a program where the students are a bit older or have on average some work experience. Schools sometimes publish this information on their websites - at least, they should be able to provide it to you once you ask them. We also have some general management programs for peopel with experience (but not MBAs) in our database: Just choose the filter Program Type: Master in General Management for Professionals to find them.

      As for schools like the HEC, your GPA will be very important. I am not sure whether 7.6/10 will be sufficient - it may be a great score but HEC receives a lot of applications and has a tough and selective admissions process.

      Also, your GRE 320 score may not be sufficient. Their average GMAT in the MIM program is around 640 - this means 78 percentage ranking. A GMAT of 600 often times is considered as the minimum score. GMAT 600 corresponds to 68 percentage rank, which is exactly your GRE score.

      I don't want to demotivate you - but you asked me for my opinion, and I would at least consider a plan B beyond the most renowned schools such as HEC, just in case they won't invite you for the interview.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf