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  • Posted by Anita84 on 08/04/13 6:20pm


    I would like to apply for a MiM at EADA in Barcelona for the 2014/15 academic year.

    I have a 2:1 degree in Law from Nottingham Trent University and a Distinction at the Legal Practice Course from Nottingham Law school (2005 and 2006 respectively). I have 18 months of work experience as a Paralegal and I later completed a two year training contract at a mid sized London firm. I am therefore a qualified solicitor in Eng and Wales although I chose not to practice after my training. I have lived in Barcelona for the last 2 years and been employed full-time teaching English as a Second Language to business professionals.

    My concerns are twofold. The first being that my undergraduate degree is not from a Russell League university. I have some mitigating circumstances in that my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away during my first year of university. I don't know if this is something that would be taken into consideration.

    I went on to a well regarded Law School and later trained with a respectable firm, so perhaps this is not so relevant anymore??

    Secondly, will the fact that I have "only" been teaching English for the last two years be viewed in negative light by business schools?

    Oh, another thing I just thought of is this- I am 28 and would be 29 at the start of the course. Is that too old for a MiM?

    Any advice or thoughts on the above would be gratefully received.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 08/05/13 3:12pm

      Dear Anita,

      thank you for your question. The first thing that comes to my mind is your work experience. If I understand you correctly you will have about 3 or 4 year of professional experience betwee your first academic degree and the EADA master.

      If you want to acquire a postgraduate degree in general management, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the right program for you. Masters in Management, by contrast, are for recent graduates. Hence, instead of studying together with 22 or 23 old people without work experience you will be studying (and learning from) young professionals who are about 28 or 30 of age (average).

      Having cleared that, the next question is whether EADA would accept you. I agree that being a language teacher is not the typical professional background for an MBA student and it may be a disadvantage. On the other hand, you have some interesting experience in the field of laws and you can (and should) proove your capabilities by reaching a good GMAT score (minimum 600, ideally 650 or more).

      So, my recommendations are:

      • Think about why and what for you want to do a general management education.
      • Think about whether the MBA is the right program for you.
      • Do the GMAT as a test for yourself. If you achieve 600 you can apply at most schools in Europe; with 650 or more you even achieved scores typical for Europe's top ten schools (according to the FT Ranking). A good GMAT score does not guarantee you anything but at least demonstrates that you have the core capability that business schools require for an MBA.
      • After that get in contact with your favorite schools (for EADA we offer a direct contact button), for example EADA, and try to evaluate your chances of becoming accepted even though you don't have professional management experience.
      • If they motivate you to apply, great. If not, try to find other schools, maybe schools that are a bit less recognized.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by Anita84 on 08/06/13 1:54pm

      Hi Thomas,

      Thank you very much for your comprehensive response. I have been in touch with the school who have said the same as you; they have suggested that the MBA would be more appropriate. I have sent my CV for them to consider and I'm going to the school on Thursday to have a chat about my options.

      Apart from the financial considerations, I'm a little unsure about doing an MBA. I'd always been under the impression that this was something for more experienced business professionals. I have practical experience of the corporate world but I have never studied business (other than business and employment law). I'm worried that I may lack basic knowledge required for an MBA and also that employers may find the qualification a little premature. What are your thoughts on this?

      Thank you again for your help.


      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 08/06/13 2:56pm

        Hi Anita,

        thank you for your question. For an MBA, you don't need to have studied business. Only about 20 percent of the MBA students actually have studied business before - it is clearly a degree for students from all academic backgrounds.

        Your lack of professional experience in the business world may be a slight problem. The idea is that professionals bring their experience into the classroom so that others can profit from it. In your case, it will be most likely you who profits from the others' insights and experience and less vice versa.

        In the other hand, I am confident that you will also find a way to contribute to the class with yoru specific experience. It may not be experience in marketing or the business world but it may be experience in group work, or work as a free-lancer that works from an remote workplace etc.

        Don't underestmate your knowledge and prepare well these questions for the interview: "If we take you, how would you contribute to the sucess of the class? How would the other students profit from your experience?"

        By the way: If you like this platform and Forum I would appreciate if you could let the EADA people know that the MIM Compass was helpful for you.

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

        • Posted by Anita84 on 08/09/13 10:38am

          Hi Thomas,

          Just to follow up, my meeting with the admissions officer was very helpful and she was of the opinion and so I think I will proceed with an application for the MBA for 2014 and see how that goes.

          Many thanks for your help and advice.

          Kind regards,

          • Posted by Thomas Graf on 08/09/13 3:42pm

            Thanks a lot and all the best!

    • Posted by Anita84 on 08/09/13 10:40am

      Also, I remembered to mention that I'd found this forum useful :)