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  • Posted by arnav16 on 06/14/13 6:02am

    Hello Thomas,

    I am a mechanical engineering graduate working for the past one yera in TATA Motors design. I have a low GPA of 6.2/10. I graduated from a top tier college of India with a the top grade in my thesis. I have GMAt score of 740 and a score of band 8 in my ielts. I just wanted to know my chances for tier 1 colleges for MIM. I am especially interested in the MIM Grand ecole of HEC Paris. Your opinion is required. Please reply.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 06/16/13 2:10am

      Hi Arnav,

      thank for your question. The HEC will strongly take your university grades into account. So, a low GPA could reduce your acceptance chances. On the other hand, your thesis top grade and school reputation will help. And you have a top GMAT score (the HEC requires about 630 or 640 for the GMAT as far as I know).

      Taking everything together, I suggest that you just try it.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by arnav16 on 06/16/13 10:14am

      Hello Thomas, thanks a lot for your reply.

      I have another querry. Does this GPA criteria will also effect other MIM programs??? Like ESCP and LBS??? And if it does, is it advisable to wait and apply for MBA where work ex is also counted???
      Thanks and Regards


      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 06/16/13 11:23pm

        Hi Arnav,

        the more renowned a school is the more applications it receives and the more selective it becomes. This does not mean, however, that you have no chance to get in - it just means that your chances may be lower compared to others. I would try it out at 2 or 3 business schools of your interest if I was you. Again, you have other assets such as your GMAT score, the thesis grade, and the reputation of your school in India. Maybe you can find a plausible explanation for your lower GPA (without lying of course).

        The MBA you can do anytime once you have work experience.

        Best wishes

        by Thomas Graf

  • Posted by sanket on 01/03/20 8:54am

    hi, i've a really low gpa of 5.5 in my 3year program, and i m planning to take my GMAT exam in the month of Feb.
    i have done lots of co-curricular activities, with 1 year of job ex. and and an internship in social work. I want to know, if a good Gmat score can help me in getting in decent MIM course in Germany, if so, please let me know about the colleges.

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 01/06/20 6:19pm


    according to my experience, a good GMAT score will not bring you into a program - but it will not kick you out. In other words, the GMAT allows you to fulfill minimum criteria. But to get into a program, you must fulfill other criteria.

    Now, what are these other criteria? And how do schools weigh them? This differs from school to school - also in Germany. To gain a good overview on these criteria, I recommend you to carefully read the survey The MIM - Entry requirements for the Master in Management. Here you find the criteria of 53 international business schools - this will help you assess, which schools may fit your profile better.

    Best regards,

    Thomas Graf
    Author of the two MIM eBooks

  • Posted by Varuun Adithya on 07/29/20 12:11am

    Hey Thomas,
    I have a GPA of 6.3/10(Undergrad GPA). Can an exceptional GRE score(320+) and ielts score(7.5+) and international exposure(internship at National University of Singapore) and strong LOR's and good SOP make the admission committee overlook the low GPA. This is with regard to Universities like HEC, ESCP, ESSEC, LBS and other top MiM Universities.


  • Posted by thomas.graf on 07/29/20 11:05am

    Hi Varuun,

    if the school is strongly focussed in the GPA - like HEC Paris, for instance - I don't think that something else can compensate for this (but of course, you can never be sure - so I would try it if the HEC really is your dream school). If the school pursues a more holistic approach and weighs several criteria more balanced, then yes. But even then you should offer more than only a good GRE or GMAT score - for example, the school may be interested in internships or extracurricular activities (anything that shows you initiative and drive for excellence).

    Please check my survey The MIM - Entry Requirements for the Master in Management to see the admissions criteria of 53 business schools and their selection focus.

    Best wishes,
    Thomas Graf

    Founder of the MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBooks