Ms in Management, how to find good school in Uk that offers placement too

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  • Posted by shamsudoha on 01/30/13 5:27pm

    I am from India.I did B.E. in computer science(2012 pass out). My academics are very poor till date. I wasn't much in studies. I did my Secondary education in the year 2003 with 59 %. Unfortunately it took 5 years to complete my Higher Secondary instead of 2 years. I passed Higher Secondary in the year 2008 with 56 %. Then I joined Bachelor of Engineering in computer science and passed it in the year 2012 with 57 % (8 back logs). I want to join a good school to pursue MIM in UK. I want to be a good Manager. Please suggest me to get into a good place soon. Thank you.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/30/13 6:20pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. The question is what you mean by "good" school. A school may be suited for someone and less suited for another depending on your preferences.

      Maybe a UK business school that is not in the top rankings is good for you because it educates you in management so that you find a good job after graduation in India - maybe it is not good enough because you want to work for an employer that only recruits from highly ranked schools. So, I recommend you to take some time and think about your goals first.

      Secondly, I recommend you to work hard on the GMAT. If you achieve a very good GMAT score (650 and more) you increase your chances of getting accepted even though your university grades are not top.

      The logic is this: The more renowned schools are, the more they want to recruit people that are capable of passing a challenging program. This means that these schools want proof that you are capable. Usually this proof are grades. In the absence of top grades, you may convince some of them by achieving a great GMAT score. This is strategy 1. Trying to get acess to renowned schools by showing a great GMAT.

      Strategy 2 is if you don't get a great GMAT score. Then it will be difficult for you to get in the so-called top schools. This does not mean, however, that you cannot do a MIM or become a manager. It just means that you may need to accept a school with less reputation and that you may find it harder to find a job afterwards - or you may find a job but with a lower salary.

      Anyway, at the current moment I think you should realistically reflect your goals and wokr on the GMAT.

      Best wishes

    • Posted by shamsudoha on 01/31/13 5:31pm

      Thank you for your reply. I am getting Leeds, Strathclyde, Cardiff or Brunel in UK for Masters in Management course. How are these colleges?? Are they offer placements??? If not how will I be able to find a school that offer good placements?? And how much package can I expect from these schools???

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/31/13 6:39pm

        Hi there again,

        the best way to find this out is by

        (a) screening the websites of the schools - often they publish statistics about which firms come to campus, how many graduates found a job three months after graduating etc.

        (b) checking the Financial Times MIM Ranking - and filter for the salary criterion.

        (c) contact the business school's career service and ask for placement results (how many people found a job? where did they find a job? salary? etc.)

        (d) ask the schools' admissions department to bring you in contact with alumni - then ask them about the impression that they have in the retrospective - how worth was the investment.

        Best wishes