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  • Posted by KateG1302 on 02/07/13 10:19pm


    after I got such amazing advice with my last question, I have another one! I hope you can help me.

    I just got an interview with ESSEC, and they told me the dates on which they are going to do interviews, and that the interview is going to be in Paris (it's for am MSc in International Management)... I am just wondering if everyone really has to go to Paris to do the interview? I am based in the UK so I would have to travel to London, then Paris, then ESSEC, then all the way back just for a 30 minute interview. I already met one of their representatives in London for an informal talk and information session, so have a direct contact at the school, I was wondering if I could maybe ask for the interview to be done in Skype?! I don't know how the usual business school etiquette is on that? Or do you think I will be more likely to be admitted if I go to Paris and see them in person? Obviously it would cost me around 100-150 Euros as well to do that whole trip...

    Many thanks in advance!


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/07/13 11:57pm

      Hi Kate,

      ususally you should not need to come to the campus. Instead, there should be ESSEC alumni in London who could do it. But that of course depend on the policy of the school.

      If you have a direct contact to the ESSEC - e.g. to someone in the admissions office - I would ask the politely (by phone or email).

      Say that you are grateful for having been invited to the interview and that you are looking forward to it. Signal that you, of course, will come to Paris but that you would be interested if the interview is also possible in London.

      I would be surprised if that's not possible.

      Best wishes

    • Posted by KateG1302 on 02/12/13 1:06am

      Thanks Thomas,

      I now got my interview date, next Thursday, 11am.

      I am a bit worried about asking whether I really have to come to Paris, mainly because all their emails readily assume that the interview is in Paris, there isn't even a mention of Skype or anything.
      I have checked their application info again and it says:

      ESSEC Business School invites for interviews only those students who have been declared successful and shortlisted at the review stage.
      All short-listed applicants will be invited for a personal interview that will be arranged as locally as possible.
      The interviewers will normally be two or three with diverse backgrounds (ESSEC professors, ESSEC executives or
      ESSEC Alumni).

      However I am worried that my impression won't be as good if I ask for the interview to take place in London?! I don't want them to have a bad impression of me. Would you still call my contact (whom I met in London a few months ago for an information session) or just go ahead and go to Paris?! I have checked and the trip would cost me around 250 Euros, which is a lot considering I already paid to apply and to do the GMAT...

      Thanks so much!

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/12/13 10:50am

        Hi Kate,

        well, now it's a bit late... But to be honest: Yes, if you have a contact I would openly ask them whether an interview in London would be possible. I would clearly signal that coming to Paris is no problem for you - but at the same time I would ask just as an alternative if London would work as well.

        best wishes

    • Posted by KateG1302 on 02/14/13 1:15am

      Thanks for the advice - I did, and they said all interviews take place in Paris, so I am going for 2 nights next week. It will also be a chance to see the campus! However I got an admit today from ESADE + CEMS MIM so I will go to Paris much more relaxed!

      Thanks again!