IE Business School - Feb. Intake

Application & Admission
  • Posted by guslobato on 07/25/13 8:56pm

    Hello guys,

    I just got admitted for the MIM february intake.

    Anybody else joining or planning to do so?

    Beste regards,


    • Posted by hitesh1590 on 09/02/13 5:03am


    • Posted by hitesh1590 on 09/02/13 7:38pm

      Hey Thomas Hiii.....
      Thank you for the help..(:P)

    • Posted by sofiams on 11/19/13 9:25am

      Hey Gustavo!

      I'm also admitted for the feb. intake however I still haven't got in touch with people that are already admitted! Do you know about any group in Facebook? Are you looking for accomodation?

      Well nice to meet you, hopefully we'll see each other the 31st of january!