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  • Posted by shaharyar zaidi on 04/29/13 11:09am

    hey thomas,

    I have a query, lets say I get a good GMAT score (above 650 is I think good enough) . so does that guarantee me an entry in a good mim school just based on my GMAT score or does the extra curricular activities will still count during my interview?

    I have participated and won in a no. of debates at various colleges, I have also won prizes in acting and singing. i have also participated in many business competitions.

    what do you think?
    thank you.
    waiting for your reply.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/29/13 12:24pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. I am afraid neither a good GMAT score nor extra-curricular activities will guarantee you an entry to a good mim school.

      The key criterion are your undergraduate grades. So you should be in the 75 percentile at minimum.

      A GMAT score (minimum 600, ideally 650 or more) will be accepted as well.

      As for extra-curricular activities: Many schools do not take them into account at all (e.g. for the RSM CEMS MIM - and other schools (e.g. the IE Business School) do rate them. If you are interested in schools that emphasize these activities and take them into account, read carefully the admissions criteria on the schools' homepages.

      Finally, some programs require a first degree in business - you can find these programs (or those that are open for graduates from all areas) by using our Filter "Entry requirements".

      Some schools may also require essays or an interview.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by shaharyar zaidi on 04/29/13 2:52pm

      sir by 75 percentile minimum, u mean 75 percentile in the college or university I'm studying right now, right?

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/29/13 4:29pm

        That's correct. I don't have specific numbers from universities regarding the percentiles - but I know that some renowned schools require 7 out of 10 total GPA points in their regional education systems. So, targetting 75% or more should be fine.

        best wishes

    • Posted by shaharyar zaidi on 05/05/13 6:13am

      hey, i have got another query.

      1. After seeing the news of economic uncertainties in European countries especially France. Is it advisable to pursue mim from there or Europe as a whole, looking at the regions's economic conditions.

      2. and like u say that if you want to work in your own country like India so check with the employers there, whether they know about your course,school and all. so i checked the recruiting companies of top mim schools and saw kpmg, bane etc. who also have offices in India so if they are already recruiting mim students there, doesn't that automatically mean that their Indian offices would also be knowing about graduates from such courses and recruiting them?

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/05/13 1:51pm

        Hi there,

        thank you for your questions. As for the job prospects in Europe, my personal opinion is: In all these Western European countries there are jobs, whether the economy is weaker or stronger. And the more education you have the higher the probability to find a job. And the better a school's business network, reputation, and career service, the more likely you find a job. Hence, I wouldn't exclude a good business school ex ante just because it is located in a country with a weaker economy. Instead, I would treat the economy as one factor but concentrate primarily on assessing the potential of a school to help me find a job. Secondly, I would also try to assess the value of a degree beyond the school's regional busines network - again: independent of the economy in the country where the school is located.

        As for KPMG etc., this depends on the companys' HR structure. I know of global consulting companies whose HR departments work primarily on the national base. If the firm's brunch in India or China recruits from some schools does not mean that the colleagues in the UK recruit from them too. However, I agree that the likelihood is very high that this school satisfies the criteria of the firm as a whole if at least the local brunch recruits there.

        I undestand that this master search process is like a puzzle and you need to collect pieces of information and interpret them - to finally make a decision. You will never have a guarantee and your future career depends only partially on your degree. But you can increase the likelihood that you will become satisfied with your MIM degree if you carefully select these pieces of information. And I think you are on the right path.

        As a next step, I recommend you to ask some schools to bring you in contact with current and ex students. This will provide you with anotehr piece of information.

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by shaharyar zaidi on 05/05/13 5:22pm

      thanks a lot for all your replies to my queries. Its helping me a lot and as u said in the last reply to come in contact with the current and ex students. Can you guide me on that too, how to do that cos i cant find much information regarding this on school's websites.

      thank you again.

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/05/13 7:24pm

        Hi there,

        the best is to contact the school's admissions offices, signal your interest in their MIM programs and say that you would like to get a deeper insight in the school and its program from the perspective of a current student and an alum. Kindly ask if it was possible that they bring you in contact with them - maybe you can get in contact with someone of your nationality.

        The reaction of the school provides you with an important signal:

        • How fast does the school react?
        • How friendly or polite?
        • How easily does it bring you in contact with an alum or student?

        So, besides the official information such an interaction tells you also something about the quality of a school o rprogram.

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by shaharyar zaidi on 07/02/13 9:12am

      hello sir
      i again saw an article today about euro zone's joblesness at being record high. and now i am rethinking about pursuing mim from a european school. your thoughts on this. thank you. please reply ASAP.

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/02/13 3:33pm

        Hi there,

        thank you for your question. My personal opinion is:

        First, the Eurozone is very heterogeneous. You need to think in categories of countries or even regions - not in categories of "Eurozone". There are regoins with stronger economies and there are regoins with weaker.

        Second, you always can find jobs if you have a great education; even in the economically weakest parts are jobs. Of course, education is not job guarantee - but it is the best predictor of job success.

        Third, I would either consider choosing a school in the country where you want to work and where the school has close connections to regional employers (after checking the placement statistics of that school); or I would choose a school that my favorite employers and its competitors know wherever they are based (e.g. if they are based in India and I attend London Business School, it is likely that they know and appreciate it).

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

  • Posted by Tumul Shukla on 07/11/18 7:25pm

    Hi sir,

    Thanks for your posts. These are very informative indeed. However I have few questions:

    1. You have mentioned about extra curricular activities in one of the posts. Are there categories for consideration e.g. sports, oratory, hobbies etc?

    2. I have not been very good at extra curricular activities. Does that weaken my chances to qualify? Which colleges should I target? Will social service be considered as one? If yes, what certificates are required?

    3. Apart from checking through web sites of each college, what is the best source for collecting maximum information for preparing myself best for admission into one of the top 10 colleges?



  • Posted by Tumul Shukla on 07/11/18 7:31pm


    I am currently in final year of engineering course. I would like to know if you recommend me getting some work experience before applying for MIM. I prefer to apply as a fresher right after my graduation. Will lack of experience affect my chances in big way? I have couple of months experience through internship.



  • Posted by thomas.graf on 07/12/18 11:29pm

    Hi there,

    best source of information to inform yourself: Read my eBook "Business Masters: How you find the best Master in Management or MBA" - read it thoroughly and follows each single advice.

    Question on extracurricular activities: This depends on the school! Read my survey "The MIM - Entry Requirements for the Master in Management" - and check the selection criteria of 54 MIM programs.

    Work experience with a MIM? The Master in Manageemnt is for graduates who want to start a career, not for professionals who want to change or push a career. The MIM is no cheaper version of the MBA. Read my article on the difference between MBA and MIM.

    Best regards,

    By Thomas Graf
    Owner MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBook