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  • Posted by carld on 04/25/13 12:22pm

    Hi Thomas,

    I hope you can help me with this topic.
    At the moment I am doing my applications for various Business Schools all around Europe. Most of them didn't answer yet.
    But yesterday I got a call from Catholica Lisbon that they offer me a place in their program.
    BUT they want me to enroll until the beginning of may and until then I don't have the answers from the other Universities.
    So now my question:

    Is it possible to enroll in a program and cancel it afterwards if another University wants me for the MIM program?

    Thanks a lot


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/25/13 1:45pm

      Hi Carl,

      I understand the problem. It depends on the policies of the school, however. Please be careful and make sure that you clarify them 100% before you sign anything. My general knowledge is that - once you enrolled - you are in and cannot get out without paying. Therefore, I would do the following:

      (1) Try to find out by when the other schools let you know. They HAVE to give you this information - and don't hesiatte to cal them. Tell them openly that you already have the acceptance at a school and that you need to know by when you can expect an answer.

      (2) With this information from the other schools, you contact the Catholica Lisbon and openly tell them that you first want to wait for the results at these other schools. Ask them whether it is possible to postpone the Catholica Lisbon deadline - but be specific about how much time you need.

      Example: Imagine that you get the information that you will receive the answers from most of the other schools by May 15. Then add 3 or 5 more days to reflect the decision - and then tell the Catholica Lisbon that you cannot decide before May 20, for instance.

      Of course it can be that they will not postponde the deadline - then you need to decide now how important they are for you. But given that most schools are happy to gain students, it seems very likely that they will accept your request.

      Best wishes

    • Posted by hitesh1590 on 09/02/13 7:52pm

      Hi Thomas,

      Now, following your advice and some research, I am starting with my applications for various Business Schools all around Europe.
      Can you please help me with the letter of Motivation.
      Where can I find a good Letter of Motivation or can you provide me with some sample letter and some tips to write a good letter.

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 09/03/13 2:29pm

        Hi there,

        thank you for your question. I don't have an example here but in general I suggest to include these points: Why do you apply for that program? Why did you decide for that school? What are your career goals with that master) And how would the program (class) profit from you in case you become accepted?

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by hitesh1590 on 09/03/13 6:43pm

      Thank you for the advice Thomas....
      I'll keep in mind these points while making LOM.

      Also, I would like to ask is RSM and GRENOBLE a good choice for a non - European; in terms of job opportunities.

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 09/03/13 7:32pm

        Hi there,

        the best way to find an answer to that question is by analyzing the two schools (RSM and Grenoble) along your relevant questions:

        • How many non-Europeans do they have in their programs?
        • Where do they find a job after graduation?
        • How many of them find a job within 3 months after graduation?

        Screen the schools' websites for this and contact the schools. You can contact the RSM through the REQUEST Info button in its university profile for example.

        An additional approach is that you define where and for which firm you want to work after graduation - and just contact the firms' HR departments - asking whether they recruit at these schools.

        best wishes

        By Thomas Graf