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  • Posted by Kaushik on 10/08/13 1:14pm

    I am kaushik can any one help me out with the admission procedures for masters in management in top colleges and the minimum scores in gmat or gre they accept. I am a btech final year student in electronics and communication engineering,I have an avg Cgpa about 6.5
    my extra circurial activities are :- inplant training in BSNL
    Organiser for cultural and tech fest's in my college
    And some college level sports....
    Can you help me out in which areas I need to be improvised to get an admission in a good college.....

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/08/13 2:32pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. Well, let me start with something elementary. What do you mean by "top"? Do you mean schools that are on top-ten positions in internationally recognized rankings? Why exactly do you want to apply there?

      By these questions I want to make you aware of something very important. It is very important that you clarify your career goals in advance including how realistic they are and then look for programs that are optimal for YOU.

      If you ask me for top-ranked schools, then my answer is: Make sure that you achieve a GMAT of 600 as a MINIMUM score - ideally 650 or more. But what value would that provide you with? Maybe these schools are not your target schools - for instance, because they are too expensive or because your target employers don't recruit there.

      I suggest that you go through this forum and read carefully some of my comments. I often times suggest that you clarify in advance your ideal employer, industry, and country - and then use our search engine to screen for such programs. As a next step you visit the schools' websites to see which employers recruit there. And finally, you contact the schools directly.

      Bottom line: If you want to make your that you maximize your chances, try to achieve a high GMAT score. Minimum 600, ideally 650 or more. But apart from that, try to change your perspective: from a "am I eligible?" perspective to a "What do I want" perspective. Then look for these programs and their requirements - and then see how you are able to fulfill them,

      I hope my logic became clear.

      Best wishes

      by Thomas Graf

      • Posted by Kaushik on 10/09/13 4:01am

        thanks for your reply....
        actually i meant in top 50 colleges according to the financial times ranking sry i didn't mention it earlier and i am very clear to take masters in management as my further to attain some mangerial skills for some marketing jobs....what about international business and management in manchester as mentioned in this website....i am worried about my undergraduate academics background that's the reason i mentioned them so that i can try for those colleges where i can get an admission with that background... by the way your blog was really helpfull that i came to know what exactly MIM means....beside that which one should i prefer to take among gamt and gre. i heard that gre is bit easier than gamt to get a good score.

        Thank you

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/11/13 7:26pm

          Hi there,

          thank you for your comment. Whether you do the GRE or GMAT depends on the requirements of your target school. If you target school accepts both, then it is up to you which one you choose. I cannot tell you if one is easier than the other - but will find this out by searching the www. If you ask me, I generally recommend doing the GMAT no matter what the schools want. The reason is that the GMAT is always accepted - while the GRE may not be accepted by some schools.

          As for your academic background, I don't see a problem. About 20 percent of all MIM programs require a first degree in business but the other 80 percent open themselves to other backgrounds as well. Just use our Search Filter "Entry requirements: academic degree in business NOT required", when you search for MIM programs. If you screen the FT Ranking on this site, you can also see the Entry requirements directly in the ranking.

          Your GPA score may be a problem among some of the schools in the ranking, particularly schools like the HEC that emphasize a top academic grade a lot. As mentioned before, however, I suggest (1) clarifying your goals, (2) identifying programs that match your goals, and (3) check whether you are eligible or not.

          If your goal is ganing management experience and working in marketing departments later on, screen the curriculums of the respective programs and the firms that recruit there - and make a list of your target programs. Then check the entry requirements. If you are uncertain you can alsways send them an email and ask. You can send a message directly to the Manchester Business School through our School contacts page, for instance.

          Best wishes

          by Thomas Graf

        • Posted by avaross09 on 10/14/13 9:08am

          Hi Kaushik , You can check the following link below are the top colleges for MIM.