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Msc Marketing Management | Part 2

Vaibhav · 2012 - 2013

Published: 15 February 2017 | by Vaibhav

Vaibhav Gupta comes from India. In September 2012, he starts a Master of Science in Marketing Management at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. Througout the program, he will write a blog for the Master in Management Compass platform and by this share his experience with other people.

The Welcome Week

ESADE Business School initiated my course with a whole week of different types of activities. The first day in itself was amazing as we got to not only do crazy activities but also one of the more brilliant facet was that we got to interact and build relationships alongside.

The second day included a introduction into the whole course, which gave us the first taste of what was going to come, The Case Studies!!!

The week ended with students making a traditional cuisine from their home country and we not only got to taste some amazing delicacies but also gave them a taste of what is the taste of the crazy spicy food of India.

The Master in Marketing Course Begins

Well, the course began soon after, including the language classes. The courses that I have are Brand Management, Sales Management, International Marketing Strategies, Consumer Centric Marketing and Business-in-Society.
The courses are all mainly case based, meaning that you must read case before you actually start the theory. Thus, most of us are generally are either reading a case or wondering how to apply the theory that we might have studied in the previous lecture into the case.

Although my Bachelors had also been case based, the difference between the two lies in the fact that while my Bachelors emphasized the theory and then looked at case for reference, my masters has more emphasis on the case and how to solve a similar scenario if it arrives in your job in future.

In each of the subjects, there was a high degree of cohesiveness with the other subjects, which meant that when you study for one subject, you are on the side relating it with its effects on the other subject.

I ended up doing a Brand Audit for Mango by December, which was then presented to Mango representatives from Spain. I was amazed that people who plan the future marketing campaigns of Companies like Mango, took time out to listen to what we had to say and what future option we see for Mango. It was great to appreciated of course and perhaps motivated us to just go ahead and push ourselves even more.

Career Forum

The first cycle of the Career Forum started with companies such as Bain, BCG, Mckinsey, Delta Partners etc. It was amazing to have so many companies together talking to students not just about the future opportunities that they have but also about how they work on a day to day business. I personally feel that in order to better understand a Company, you need to see their corporate workings and their organizational climate. The best part of the whole was the personal attention I got from recruiting parts of different companies.

Break and Next Semester

Well, after some hard work we ended up getting a good break for Christmas, where I went back home (much to my delight). Oddly enough, the break didn't seem to last long as before I knew it, I was on the flight back to Barcelona and in about 12 hours after landing in Barcelona, in class. I attended skill seminars in January, where I learned the much talked about skills of presenting and negotiating. On one side, I worked on my pauses and on the other I worked on various tactics in order to get a better deal. I must admit that was an amazing experience just to see yourself present and work on what chinks lie in your armor!

Well, at this point of time, I wait for the main electives to begin of my next semester, excited and nervous!! Hopefully, I will share more of my stories with you. Until next time, ADIOS!!

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